The PowerKiosk control panel manages all aspects of the kiosk.

The promotion manager in the control panel is a complete workflow engine for setting up and managing promotions.  This workflow engine includes a robust client application and a highly flexible and functional control panel.  Promotions, such as earned promotions that allow you to distribute prizes to guests based on any criteria specified can be setup and customized entirely by a user.  You can specify items such as:


The promotions manager also includes a very robust reporting feature that provides intelligence on each of your promotions.  Reports can be viewed as both summary data or detailed data and can be generated both on screen or exported to Excel.  Some report examples include:

  • Kiosk Usage Statistics
  • Prize Distribution
  • Promotion Summary and Promotion Detail - provides full detail for each promotion
  • Participation Reports - analysis of customers invited to participate in a promotion versus customers that did participate

The control panel also includes front-line tools used by Players Club personnel that provide such functions as reprinting of tickets, player prize distribution information and lookup, as well as synchronization of redemptions with your player tracking system.

  • Earning periods and actual games dates/times

  • Custom participation criteria based on a flexible set of parameters

  • Prizes, custom prize assets and prize availability based on earned points, tier status, etc.

  • Prize distribution mechanism based on a robust, flexible and approved prize distribution feature