With Atrient’s PowerKiosk, your drawing drum can become a thing of the past!  PowerKiosk allows you the freedom to run both traditional drawings with multiple winners that is actuated daily and high value monthly drawings with ease, all from your PowerKiosk Management System.

You can create a near limitless point to entry conversion ratios that can be controlled by the hour.  Couple that with the ability to schedule prizes and entry earning periods and you have the power to drive profit at your fingertips!

Because PowerKiosk is a complete loyalty platform, you can issue drawing entries as base level prizes for kiosk promotions allowing every patron to receive a prize after playing a promotional game, saving costs while still rewarding your patron and just like Atrient’s promotional games, you have the control to change the look and feel of every drawing and incorporate your brand image quickly and easily.

Additionally you can specify that patrons check in which can be handled through a client kiosk. The names of winners will be displayed on selected video devices throughout the property; a timer is displayed to let the patron know they need to claim their prize within a fixed amount of time at the drawing area.  Some key features include:



        • Easily set up points earned and entry criteria, giving you control over entry earning

        • Integrates with all patron management systems providing real time casino data

        • Export patron demographics so you can understand who participated and how your targeting performed

        • Link to video displays on gaming floor allowing your patrons to instantly see if their name has been drawn and  how much time they have to claim their prize

        • Specify available prizes and how prizes are distributed and share that via video link to your drawing participants

        • Disqualify non-attending winners on the fly and instantly draw their replacement, keeping your drawings moving while the excitement level is high

        • Display winners list across the floor creating excitement and giving your guests the confidence that the prizes were awarded.