Are you looking for new ways to grow signups without having to beef up your loyalty club or give away the bank?

PowerKiosk patron signup functionality is like a club rep that just won't stop!  (And it always says 'Thank You!')

Loyalty Club Signups: Fast and Accurate

Your patron simply inserts their driver's license and your PowerKiosk goes to work!

  1. Your PowerKiosk scans your patron's driver's license and instantly checks to insure the player doesn't already have an account, insuring duplicate accounts are avoided.
  2. PowerKiosk validates the  birthdate on the identification to insure the patron is old enough to enroll.
  3. A new casino account is created, and a new player's club card is issued!


  • Shrink your players club overhead by allowing your guests to help themselves create their new account!
  • Improve customer service when the club desk is busy or closed by creating more service locations
  • Deliver sign up services to remote locations in your casino without costly infrastructure or additional staff
  • Driver's License scanning checks every signup for legal enrollment age reducing the exposure for costly fines.
  • Avoid duplicate accounts by systematically checking for duplicates on all new account creations!
  • Encourage more tracked play by making account creation quicker, easier and more convenient than ever before!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I insure that the driver's license the guest uses is their own?

You can elect to withhold PIN creation, insuring the player is not allowed to redeem any rewards until they have been positively identified by a player's club representative.  This option allows the player to acquire a new card, plan and earn valuable rewards, and acquire the PIN when they are ready to redeem.

What determines if an account is a duplicate?

You have control to configure the fields that are used in duplicate checking for your property.